Thursday, 14 July 2011

a short blog on impatience (airport induced)

I'm seeing how much I can write in the interval between people starting to queue at the departure gate, and actually getting onto the plane to take their allocated seats. I'm also writing my first post on a smartphone.

What made this gate experience a bit unusual was the requirement to send most of our hand luggage to the hold. The plane's full, you see. Queue much wringing of hands and other general angst. Other than gaining an additional 30 mins wait in Vienna, and losing the ability to change one's pants mid flight, I don't really see the problem. Perhaps the indignity of waiting at baggage collection with the common tourists is what irks?

Anyway - the queue has gone, time to board and struggle to my seat at the back of the plane (yes, I check-in late too). But I'll sadly be missing my heavy bag that I like to use to batter the impatient on my way through.

1 comment:

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